Gimnasium Požega

Srednja škola koja izvodi nastavni plan i program opće, prirodoslovno-matematičke i jezične gimnazije


The Gymnasium Požega was founded in 1699 and is among the oldest educational institutions in the Republic of Croatia. It is a secondary school with the curriculum of general, natural-sciences and mathematics and linguistic (language) grammar school. It also carries out general subjects within the syllabus and curriculum of the Secondary School of Music in Požega.

Our Gymnasium was attended by many famous people whose work is weaved into the scientific and cultural identity of Croatia and the Croatian people: o. Kajo Agjić, Vjekoslav Babukić, Dragutin Lerman,  Antun Kanižlić, J. E. Tomić, Miroslav Kraljević and Matko Peić are only some of them.

In the period from 1761 to 1776 it was aligned among high schools under the name of Academia Posegana, with two faculties – the Faculty of Philosophy and the Faculty of Theology.

Since the beginning of September 2009., Gymnasium has been located in a new school building in the center of Požega. Teaching takes place in modernly equipped classrooms and laboratories, and the large multimedia center consists of a library and a reading room, a multimedia classroom, a conference hall with a gallery and a museum. On the roof there is an observatory with a viewpoint.

Gymnasium has 465 students (15-18 years old) and 66 members of staff. Teaching is organized in 23 classrooms and 3 programs (general, natural-sciences and mathematics, linguistic). The teaching process is performed in one shift, and the school year lasts 35 weeks (32 weeks for the school- leaving students).

The Gymnasium has a representative teachers' and students' library as well as a study reading room with 40 available seats. The entire book collection consists of about 30 000 books. The teaching process is carried out in specialized classrooms and laboratories.

Gymnasium Požega

Ulica Dr. Franje Tuđmana 4/A

34000 Požega

613 P.O.B.


(034) 316-750

099 249 5672




Head-master:  Anita Katić, prof.

Non progredi est regredi – Not to progress is to regress.

Teachers' library, a cultural heritage of category B and a rich collection of classroom devices from natural-sciences subjects.




The Gymnasium is situated in the downtown in Dr. Franje Tuđmana 4/A Str.




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Požega je smještena u sjeveroistočnom dijelu Hrvatske, na krajnjoj južnoj točki Požeške kotline, uz rijeku Orljavu. Na sjevernom rubu Požeške kotline zaštićeno je područje Parka prirode Papuk i Geoparka papuk

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